Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wrigley Field

Made it to Chicago (after taking a bit of a round about trying to get some gas in the industrial section of Chicago, people were looking at the VT Eurovan very strangely).  Dropped off the car to get the wiper motor, cabbed to our hotel, and headed to lunch and the game!
Had some great burgers at Club 162, then into the game.  Our seats were amazing (thanks Dave Knight and Jeff).  We sat between 3rd base and home plate, about 15 rows back, in the shaded area.  Wrigley is awesome, you are so close to the field, small atmosphere, everyone very friendly, in fact the owner of the team even came by and said hi.  No seriously, he did!  He came to see someone in front of us and then stepped over the seats, said hi to us and gave the boys each a game day baseball (stamped with the date and teams).  He told us about his trip to the Badlands a few years ago with his 5 kids, he then bored us with stories of his plans to fix up the ball park and make the bathrooms and concessions better (whatever).
So that was cool.
Went back to the hotel and laid on the beds in air conditioning (was 98 today, 110 with heat index).  Then went to Gino's East - Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.  Now bed.


  1. I swear there is some "Paradee Magic" around the ability to be in the right place at the right time. SO COOL!

  2. Loving the blog--keep 'em coming! We were thinking about you all yesterday. Sounds like you're having an amazing time, despite some small setbacks. I know Pam is smiling down on all your escapades!

  3. So glad the tickets were good :)
    I'll try to remember the brew pubs we went to in S. Dakota...
    enjoy Chicago,
    The Knights