Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Wave and Water Park and Van (again)

So when I was planning this trip I did not account for record temperatures!  So we are adapting.  We have stayed in some hotels the last few nights as it has just been to hot to try and sleep outside.  We also went to Six Flags Great America, north of Chicago yesterday to get relief from the temps.  We spent the entire afternoon in the water park!  The van is also feeling the heat and one of the fans that cools the engine is acting up and needs to be replaced!!!  Not easy getting parts always for the Silver Bullet, so it is on order and will be in Sioux Falls on Wed.  This is putting us in a bit of limbo as we could be in the Badlands by then, but need to slow down in order to coordinate the repair.  Oh, well, maybe this is a sign to take is slow and not try to jam too much in.  After all, Sam didn't even remember going to Wrigley Field the next day!!!!
We are in Madison, Wisconsin this morning (Saturday).  Going to Cave of the Mounds later after we do some laundry and then heading for a campsite on the Mississippi River!  Tomorrow is supposed to be mid-nineties again so......Mall of America!   We need a sponge or two, they might have some.

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