Monday, July 25, 2011

A week on the road, swimming, Spam, and Sioux Falls

Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota
Well we are a week and a day into our trip.  And are STILL not at the Badlands.  It feels like we are traveling in covered wagon!  The heat really slowed us down.  We did laundry and the boys all got buzz cuts in Madison.  We left early afternoon and headed for Cave of the Blue Mounds. It was very cool.  We camped out at a State Park nearby and they had a pool with a diving board.  Lets just say the boys were doing backflips for hours.  The next morning (Sun.) we went back to the pool and then headed north to La Crosse a 2.5 hour drive.  We found a great campground that had 2 pools!  So we spent the night and swan some more.  This morning I ordered the part I needed for the van and had it shipped next day to Sioux Falls.  We left the campground around noon: destination - Spam Museum.  It was a nice diversion in the middle of the drive (6.5 hours today, and very hot, not using AC until the car gets the new fan!).  We got some cans of Spam, a couple t-shirts and then back on the road.  Lots of corn fields, wind turbines, and straight flat road.  Thank god for Harry Potter books on the iPod.
We hit Sioux Falls around 6:30.  It was still mid 80's and weather reports are for thunderstorms, soooo... we are at the Sheraton!   Which is good, since I am now seeing local weather alerts for strong thunderstorms and hail.
Tomorrow the van gets fixed just down the road.  We should be in the Badlands by 4pm!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing trip so far. I drove across the US with my dad when I would 8 and I remember it so well. You're making some good memories. (Even the van stuff will be a good memory down the road a few months.)